• StayPuft

    Before I begin, let me tell you that this is the first match Melina has won since February! Although it wasn't really an exciting match as such, it basically started as a brawl between Eve and Maryse. It then turned into a brawl between Melina and Eve with a submission or two, only when Gail was tagged in did the match pick up where Gail flew across the ring. She delivered a cross body to Melina from the top rope and would've got a three-count but Maryse came to the rescue. Melina then got the advantage and set up for the sunset split, Gail countered and set up for the eat defeat, Melina countered again threw her into the ropes, picked her up and successfully performed the sunset split.

    Winners: Melina & Maryse!

    Note: It looks like Melina will…

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