Part 1

It's hard to believe, but these two very talented Divas started out as best friends, however they had very different roles with each other. Beth was the Women's Champion and Melina was her "side-kick" and this partnership could've lasted for a long time until Melina accidently knocked Beth off the ropes in a tag match which cost them both the match. Beth blamed Melina and Melina tried to attack Beth backstage but ultimately Beth got the upper hand using her strength to forcefully throw Melina at steel lockers. Of course these two were now far from friends and were now foes, but now for the first time in her career Melina became a face by gaining fan support for her taking down Beth Phoenix. However the attacks and bullying by Beth continued on Melina for a number of weeks. 12jan09 07

Part 2

Finally came the time when Melina challenged Beth to a match to settle this rivalry once and for all, however this wasn't just a mere Diva's one-on-one match, this was the first ever Diva's "I Quit Match". However Beth had gained a new 'lacky' Jillian who Beth tried to use to weaken Melina for their upcoming match, however nothing happened and Melina was intent on leaving Extreme Rules with a victory. Jillian-to-take-over-melina Melina y Jilllian

Part 3: I Quit Match

Melina had a hard task ahead of her, Melina was no submission expert though neither was Beth Phoenix, so both Divas had the challenge to try and make the other say the words "I Quit". Melina put up a hard and valiant effort against the overwhelming odds and strength of Beth Phoenix. However no matter how hard she tried Melina couldn't get the victory, and Melina said "I Quit" to one of the most extreme submissions ever seen on WWE. Normal 003.jpgoojdfd Normal 002.jpgug Normal ONS08 06 Ufi3hyf Normal 004.jpgij Normal 005.jpgjdjfidhf Normal 001.jpg Normal 006.jpg 7201404 Mo0wd35o 7201078

Part 4

Even though Melina didn't emerge with a victory and her fight with Beth Phoenix died down, Melina never gave up and wanted to prove she could and would defeat Beth Phoenix, however it wasn't until the Royal Rumble of 2009 when Melina became the number 1 contender for the Women's Championship did Melina get another chance.

Part 5: Royal Rumble 2009

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