Hello everyone. Today, I'm going to be giving my review of the current happenings about the Melina Wiki, this can be anything up from news to updates and maybe beyond. So, here is your information for now:

Melina's New Ring Attire?

Well, as of yesterday Melina made an extremely brief appearence on Raw, which was cut short from a pointless visit from Kharma which ended in her collapsing in the ring in tears. What was supposed to be a Diva Tag match turned out to be the most pointless event in Diva history, although we got a glimpse of what might be Melina's new ring attire. Personally, I prefer her normal attire and I'm not the biggest fan of her new one, but this one looks pretty good and I must admit it would be different to see a change. Unfortunately we didn't get to see her new attire in action.

RAW 939 Photo 074

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