• Macho Nacho

    Hello MW Viewers,

    As you know Melina battled it out for the very first time against Velvet Sky. Two young ladies with nothing on the line but their pride and the fact that they could walk out and say that they won their first battles. Both are the best at what they do so lets find out what this new crossover did for us:

    • Result 1: Velvet Sky Def. Melina [?]
    • Result 2: Velvet Sky Def. Melina [?]

    • Melina's hair is now brown!
    • An altered version of Melina's last WWE attire appeared.
    • Melina's furry boots are back!
    • Melina's a heel.
    • Pictures will come Soon*

    --Macho Nacho 15:58, April 7, 2012 (UTC)

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