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Welcome to the User Page of MelinaPerez!
Hello, I'm MelinaPerez but call me MP so we don't get mixed up with Melina. Ever since first seeing Melina enter a WWE ring I've been a fan of hers for many years. I've always tried to see every Melina match and of all the WWE I've watched Melina has had one of the most bizarre and entertaining careers on any show I've watched. I remember big moments like Kurt Angle giving Melina an Ankle Lock! and of course the I Quit Match with Beth Phoenix, and lets not forget my favourate match of all Melina vs. Beth Phoenix on WWE Superstars. But Melina has had a great career and I've followed her through it all with many fan sites I created, however I gave them all up so I could work here and I'm currently the active Founder and Owner of the Melina Wiki. If you've any questions or just want to chat please visit my talk page, if you want to read the latest MeliNews then click on the blog. Enjoy editing and Welcome to the Melina Wiki!
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