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  • My occupation is Former Wikia User
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Hello, I'm the Founder and Main Owner of the wiki known either as MelinaPerez or mostly MP. As you can pretty much tell I'm a huge Melina fan, and I have been ever since I first saw her which was back with her "I Quit" match with Beth Phoenix. I'd be watching WWE for years, and sure Melina was impressive, but she never stood out so much as when I saw that match, she put up a great fight against basically a man, she almost came out victorious, from then on, Melina became my idol, I think there's yet a Melina match I've to see. My job is pretty basic, doing work around this wiki and trying to make it looks its best. I'll be appointing Admins on a basis of who helps out the most and who does the most work.

Why Melina Inspires Me:

  • She's Beautiful.
  • She's small, but can hold her own.
  • She's from LA.
  • She can do them splits.
  • She's unique compared with all other Divas.
  • She's entertaining.
  • She's funny.
  • She's so kind to her fans.

I also run a YouTube account which I use to put up videos of Melina in Action, or some matches. Usually it takes a while for my next video to upload so if I haven't uploaded in a while I'm still active. If you want to see it please click: [#REDIRECT [[1]]HERE]


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