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thumb|400px|right|Melina's Trapped! She gets a Glam Slam in return! (Yes her boot came off...)thumb|400px|right|Melina's sexy splits!thumb||thumb|400px|right|Before Melina turned heel, this is what cause it!!!

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Hello, I'm MP and I'm the creator of the Melina Wiki. I've been a fan of Melina ever since I first saw her on the WWE back with MNM, even though most people hated her back then because she kept screaming. But finally Melina made her debut into WWE wrestling and blew me away even more. She's a unique Diva because of these things:

  • She can do the splits.
  • She's funny.
  • She's passionate.
  • She can locked into submissions most others can't.
  • She's a pleasure to talk to.
  • She's nice to her fans.
  • She can still get a great crowd reaction even when she's heel.

thumb|400px|right|Poor Melina, but an old move we missed...thumb|400px|right|Melina's Latest: Sunset Split countered to Eat Defeat!002


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