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Fan-made picture of Melina!


Melina in action!

Sexy Melina!




7th March


5ft 4inches


LA, California

Melina Nava Perez former 3-time WWE Women's Champion and 2-time WWE Diva's Champion and former WWE Diva. She's currently 32 years of age, born on March 9, 1979. She is 5 ft 4 inches in height, and lives in Los Angeles, California.

Things you may not have known:

  • She is the shortest Diva in the WWE.
  • She is also the lightest Diva in the WWE.
  • Her first ever debut into wrestling was in April 2002.
  • She has won the Diva's Championship twice.
  • She's also won the Women's Championship three times.
  • She started off as a model.
  • She won a Miss California Beauty Contest.
  • Her best friend is said to be Jilian Hall or Maryse.
  • She has a boyfriend, John Morrison who is also a wrestler for the WWE.
  • She started off wrestling as a manager for MNM.
  • She likes to have photoshoots sessions.
  • Sometimes she has photoshoots in her wrestling attire or costume.
  • A rumor on the internet said that Melina had a transplant on her breasts to make them bigger, however this was proved fake and the rumors ended.
  • She loves comic books and superheroes/heroines.
  • She used to have red highlights in her hair.
  • She liked to try on different colored wigs.
  • She used to have brown hair.
  • As of August 5th 2011 she was fired and is no longer a WWE Diva, will she ever wrestle again remains unclear.
  • She is a Twitter addict, follow her @RealMelina.
  • Her official website is
  • She has begun selling some of her old WWE Attire on eBay, check that out.
  • She is now a WSU-owned professional female wrestler.
  • She won her first match in WSU against Lexus.
  • So far she hasn't worn any of her WWE attire for WSU.
  • In an interview she claimed she "might" end up returning to WWE, but has yet to consider going back or joining TNA instead.
  • Her birthday is coming up in March!
  • Her first wrestling match outside WWE was with WSU!
  • Her second was with WWFX.
  • She defeated Jillian Hall at WWFX!
  • She wore one of her first blue/black attires.
  • She was later confronted by Snitsky at WWFX.
  • She helped her boyfriend John at his match at WWFX also.
  • She is the only WWE Diva to date to have used the splits.
  • Many loyal Melina fans still campaign for her to return to the WWE.
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My favorate look! <3 -Melina

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