Diva's ChampionshipEdit

Won: 2 Times Versus: Alicia Fox (2010), *TBC* Defeated: Michelle McCool (2010), *TBC*

Women's ChampionshipEdit

Won: 3 Times Versus: Beth Phoenix (2009), TBC, TBC

Other AccomplishmentsEdit

  • The only Diva to compete in all of WWE's Extreme Diva Matches.
  • Longest running Diva (p/e: Michelle McCool) 2005-2011.
  • Diva with most number of different ring attires.
  • Only Diva with trademark Splits entrance.
  • Only Diva on record to have been able to do the splits.
  • Only Diva to have competed on Tough Enough III.
  • Only Diva of Mexican decent.
  • Shortest Diva that was in the WWE. (p/e: Gail Kim)
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